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add a little Mediterranean vibe to your garden with this silvery shrub. Perfect for sunny spots and poor soils, where it will cheer your summers with its yellow button flowers. Tough as, frost hardy, very easy going and low maintenance - an annual haircut after flowering is all it needs.

Santolina chamaecyparissus - lavender cotton
DESCRIPTION: Compact Mediterranean sunloving shrub with fine grey foliage and little yellow button flowers in warmer months.

USE IN: Low hedging, mass plantings, pots and containers, waterwise gardens.

LOCATION: Plant in full sun in light free-draining soil. Frost hardy to -10C, and drought tolerant.

CARE: Mulch and water well during dry periods while plant is establishing. Clip over after flowering to maintain bushiness and new growth, trim to shape if necessary

HEIGHT & WIDTH: 40 cm H x 60cm W.